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At Solon, we specialize in transforming financial complexities into clarity. With our expert team of accountants, we deliver personalized solutions for individuals and businesses alike. From bookkeeping to tax planning, we're committed to your success. Experience excellence in accounting, taxation and backoffice with us.


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Make your money work by investing in your business.

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Make your money work by investing in your business.

You want your business to succeed. But to do that you need information – essential financial information to be more specific. You need insight into your cash flows and the overall health of your company.

Furthermore, you need financial reports to reduce threats and spot business opportunities. And lastly, you need your taxes organized.

Many business owners oversee their accounting, preparing financial statements, filing taxes, and managing payroll. But all of these activities could keep you away from the real tasks that help a company succeed.

Getting help from a professional accounting firm will not only make your life easier but will make you more attractive to your employees and your clients. When you have financial stability, you make better decisions. With accurate forecasts, you can invest more in your business and grow.

With proper accounting, you can not only deliver better service to your clients but also make crucial decisions. Because when you have accurate financial data, you can manage your cash flows and maintain your cash reserves. You know exactly how your expenses affect your cash flow and you will know when is the right time to invest in your company.

You can also make an informed decision about marketing and advertising your business. When you have accurate accounting data, you will know when to launch a marketing campaign and get the results that you want.

You should consider hiring an accountant if your business accounting is overwhelming and is affecting your business goals. It is challenging to perform accounting functions like filing taxes, payroll processing, and maintaining financial records. The decision is ultimately yours to make but hiring an accountant is never a bad choice. In fact, it is a good start.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a corporation, an accountant will find the best business structure that suits you. You will have access to sensitive financial data and you won’t have to worry about payroll processing and filing your taxes. Additionally, you can get expert advice during audits.

If you decide to work with an accountant, you can delegate as many financial tasks as you want. Perhaps starting with filing your taxes or with payroll processing.

The choice is ultimately yours.